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UK Kit Car Manufacturers

Pictured above left: UK Kit Car Manufacturer Guide. Now available on Kindle.

The UK has more than 100 kit car manufacturers.

See below for a list of links to their websites.

Kit Car Links is a directory of links to kit car websites - see other parts of the site for links to parts suppliers, clubs, enthusiasts' homepages and much more.

Many manufacturers have also posted build manuals online - see links to them on the Kit Car Links kit car build manuals page.

A to Z list of UK kit car manufacturers:

2CV Shop Citroen 2CV specialist. Offers replica Mehari kits.

2rike The 2rike is a motorcycle based sports trike based on a Yamaha R1 donor bike.

Aardvark Racing Manufacturer of the GT-R road and track going sports car with Le Mans influenced styling

Action Automotive Storm Warrior 2 Thunder Wagon, 4x4 pickup based on Land Rover / Range Rover donors

Aeon Sportscars Mid engined sportscars - maker of the GT-3

Aero Cycle Cars Three wheel cycle cars inspired by original Morgan three wheeler

AGM Sports Cars Manufacturer of the AGM WLR enclosed wheel sports car.

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This is a great little feature here at Kit Car Links. The Guestmap is like a guest book - where you can also see where people are posting from around the world. Read the entries and post your own message

AK Sportscars Classic replica manufacturer - including Cobra inspired AK427, the AKSS Jaguar XKSS replica and the AK40 which recreates the Ford GT40

ANC Sportscars Manufacturer of the Replicar - a Mazda MX-5 based car inspired by the 1959 Aston Martin DBR1.

A Nu Dimension Manufacturer of the GTB - a Porsche Boxster body conversion kit.

Aries Motorsport Manufacturer of the enclosed wheel Sabre, plus Seven-inspired Loco and Arion S2 sports cars

Autotune Maker of the Aristocat Jaguar XK series replica - in Sports and 140 Coupe versions. The Gemini is inspired by 1950s Elva Sports.The Can-Am recreates then McLaren M1B/M1C.


Bertini The Bertini GT25 is a BMW Z3 based body conversion sports car with contemporary styling.

Blackjack Zero Site has details of the Blackjack Zero three-wheeler designed by Richard Oakes which is now out of production

Blackwell Sports Cars The Blackwell SPR1 is a fastback coupe Mazda MX-5 body conversion.

Blitzworld Company offers kits and fully built road legal buggies for on and off road use as well as a range of karts.

BRA Motor Works Official website for BRA Motor Works, which has details of the vehicles produced over the years.

Burlington Site for the plans based Burlington marque with plans available for the Arrow, a traditional roadster, and Jeep-inspired Chieftain.

Caterham Company manufactures the Caterham Seven - derived from the original Lotus Seven.

Chesil Porsche Speedster replica manufacturer. The Chesil E is an electric version.

Crendon Replicas Company produces the CR427 Cobra replica.

Dakar 4x4 Maker of the Range Rover based Dakar 4x4. The Hibak 4x4 is a two-seat pick-up version.

DC Supercars Lamborghini replica manufacturer whose models include the DC Roadster, DC Konig.

DeHavilland Motor Company Manufacturer of Ferrari Dino replicas based on MG TF donor vehicles and a Ferrari 206 S Spyder replica.

DJC Kit Cars Company manufacturers the V-Storm WR3 - a three seat exo-skeletal sports car, formerly offered by SDR, with Subaru power

Doon Buggies Beach buggy manufacturer. Doon Buggies can be supplied in short and long-wheel base versions.

Drewgard Citroen 2CV specialist that manufactures the Drewgard Roadster - a convertible body conversion for the 2CV with late 1950s design influences.

Dutton The Dutton Surf is a 4x4 amphibious kit car, produced by Tim Dutton, based on the Suzuki Jimny. Site also promotes the 2WD Ford Fiesta based Reef model.

East Coast Buggies Beach buggy manufacturer. Models include the Classic Manx, Prowler, Bounty Hunter, Sidewinder, GT 4 Seater and Mini Manx

Eco-Exo The Eco-Exo is a lightweight exoskeletal trike that uses Suzuki Burgman donor parts.

Equilibrium Kit Cars Manufacturer of the Sonic sports car - which was originally produced by MEV.


Europa Engineering Firm produces the Banks Europa 47R and 62S replicas of Lotus Europa models.

Exo Sports Cars Manufacturer of the Rocket Classic and Rocket II exoskeletal sports cars.

FF Buggies Beach buggy manufacturer. Site has details of short wheelbase and long wheelbase versions of the FF Buggy

Fiorano The Type 48 Corsa Spyder is inspired by Italian racers of the late 1940s and is based on the Triumph Spitfire.

Furore The Furore Formula is a road legal F1 inspired two seat sports car.

Fury Sports Cars Manufacturer of the Fury sports car - originally the Fisher Fury

Gardner Douglas Range of sports cars offered including the GD T70 Lola replica, the GD Mk3, Mk3R and Mk4 Cobra inspired cars and the limited edition GD 350.

Gemini Karts Karts are available fully built and also in plans and kit form. Kit supplied is the Navigator model that uses 4hp, 5.5hp, or 6.5hp Honda engines.

Gentry Site has details of the MG TF inspired Gentry, a long established veteran of the kit car scene.

Great British Sports Cars The GBS Zero is a Lotus Seven inspired kit car.

GT Forte Manufacturer of the GTs40 a Ford GT40 replica. Also chassis kits for Cobra builds

Hawk Cars The Hawk 289 is a Cobra inspired car. Also produced is the HF series of Lancia Stratos replicas.

Healy Designs The Healy Enigma is a Mazda MX-5 based sports car with Austin Healey design cues.

Jakabi Design The Abster and RSG Vision are body conversion kits for MGF donors.

JBA Motors The JBA Falcon is a traditionally styled open roadster.

JK Sports Cars Company makes the DAX 427 Cobra replica. The DAX Coupe is a Daytona Coupe replica.

Kellforms Retoga The Retoga is a race car inspired by 1980s Le Mans influences.

LB Specialist Cars The STR is a Lancia Stratos replica.

Lomax Manufacturer of Citroen-based Lomax 223 three wheeler and other Lomax models the 224, Lambda and Supertourer

Malone Performance trikes manufacturer. Models include the TAZR electric sports trike. And the Yamaha R1-powered ST-F1000.

Marlin Sports Cars The 5EXi mid-engined sports car plus the traditionally-styled Sportster and Cabrio

Peter May Engineering The Arkley SS is a body conversion for MG Midget or Sprite donor vehicles

MEV - Mills Extreme Vehicles MEV produces the MX-5 based Exocet exoskeletal sports car

Midas (Alternative Cars) The Midas range includes the Gold Convertible, based on Austin/MG Metro mechanics - and the Cortez 2+2 Coupe plus the Excelsior 2+2 convertible.

Mirage Automotive The Mirage GT is a sports coupe influenced by 1950s / 1960s Italian design with looks inspired by Ferrari 250 GT models.

Mittell Cars Company specialises in 1000cc superbike engine race cars. The MC53 and MC41 are track and race cars.

MK Sportscars Indy range of Lotus Seven inspired sports cars. Plus the Striker, Phoenix and Fulcrum sports cars.

Nostalgia Cars Classic replica manufacturer making vehicles inspired by the Jaguar XK120, XK140 and C Type as well as an Ogle SX1000 replica.

Old No.7 Kits Rebody kits: the A352 is a 1950s inspired sports car based on the Triumph Spitfire; the Newport is a Citroen 2CV based 1940s style racer

Ox The Ox is an all terrain vehicle designed for use in African markets.

P50 Cars This company produces a replica of the Peel P50 microcar

Pilgrim Motorsports Cobra and Porsche Speedster inspired kit cars

Procomp Motorsport The LA Gold is a Seven inspired kit aimed at road and motorsport use. The LA Locost is made for the 750MC Locost Championship.

Prova Designs Maker of a Lamborghini Countach kit car replica, the Evocation

Quantum Sports Cars Manufacturer of Seven inspired Xtreme, enclosed body Xtreme LM, Mirach, Napier coupe, 2+2 and Sunrunner buggy

Raptor Sports Cars Lotus Seven inspired kit car range including Mazda MX-5 based Raptor SB5 model

Razor Cars The three wheel Razor sports car is an electric powered trike with lift-up roof canopy

Realm Engineering Classic replicas including the Heritage C-Type Jaguar inspired car and the RAM 356 Porsche Speedster replica

Rebel Performance Machines Range of exoskeletal performance cars and trikes including the TR1ke, Triabusa, Exobusa and Exotech

Replicator Sports Cars The RT3 is a Triumph TR3 replica.

Roadrunner Racing The SR2 is a Lotus Seven inspired kit car. The SR1 is a road legal single seater.

Ronart The W152 is a Jaguar based roadster inspired by front-engined post-Second World War Formula One racers.

RPS The RP251 is an MGB body conversion for the MGB. The RPX is a body kit for the MGTF and MGF. The RPS-S is a recreation of the MGF SuperSports.

Speedster Clinic Porsche Speedster replica manufacturer which also produces the Hoppa Street Buggy.

Spire Sports Cars The GT-R is a road/trackday car using Sierra running gear and bike engine power options.

Spyders Inc Replica Porsche 718-RSK Spyder

Win Your Dream Car!

Win a sports car with BOTB

Best of the Best holds a weekly competition to win the car of your dreams. Models include sportscars such as Caterham, Ariel Atom and Porsche. You can choose the exact model you try to win - from a Mini Cooper to a Bentley.

The BOTB website (left) has details of weekly winners and the cars they have won.

Win Your Dream Car!

Tech Autos Factory Five Racing UK dealer for models such as the Cobra inspired Roadster, 818 sports coupe, Type 65 Daytona Coupe replica and the 35 Hot Rod truck.

Tifosi Car Company Maker of the MG Midget based Frogeye Sprite inspired Tifosi Rana and also the Tifosi SS - which recreates the Sebring Sprite.

Tiger Racing Range of sports cars that includes the HS6 Lotus Six inspired car, the Aviator, Z100, R6, B6 and Avon - all Lotus Seven inspired models. Also the GTA enclosed wheel car and Lotus 23 inspired ERA 30 and classic racer inspired ERA HSS.

Tomcat Company makes Land Rover based 4x4 vehicles. Models include Tomcat 80, 88, 93, 100 and 106.

Tornado Sports Cars Company produces the TSC GT40 - a Ford GT40 replica.

Toylander Children's ride-on powered vehicles that can be built from plans or ordered complete. Cars include scaled-down Land Rovers, tractors and vintage vehicles.

Tribute Automotive Range of body conversions inspired by classic vehicle designs.

Triking The Triking is a Moto Guzzi powered three-wheeler with traditional styling

Ultima Kit car supercar manufacturer. Models include the Ultima RS - Ultima’s flagship model with potential to house a 1200bhp engine, the EVO (Evolution) Coupe and EVO Convertible

Ville Vans Citroen 2CV van conversion kits. The Babette is a 1950s to 1960s AZU style kit. Also on offer is the Lydia - a 1970s style AK350 kit.

Vincent MPH The Vincent MPH is a traditionally styled roadster. The car is a replica of the 1934 Riley MPH sports car.

Volksrod Beach buggy manufacturer

Vortex Automotive Maker of the Vortex V2 sports car with race car influenced styling - and the GTT sports car. The GT-EV is an electric version.

WASP Rally Karts Company supplies a range of off-road go-karts. Sold as kits or plans are available.

Westfield The Westfield Sport is a Lotus Seven inspired kit car. The Westfield XI is a Lotus Eleven replica.