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Pictured above: UK Kit Car Manufacturer Guide. Now available on Kindle.

Kit car manufacturers - Rest of the World


Absolute PACE This firm makes a range of kits that include the PACE 427 Cobra replica, the Ford GT40 inspired PACE GT and the exoskeletal PACE Skeleton - a two-seat Chevy V8 powered car. Location: Arundel, Queensland. http://www.absolutepace.com

Australian Kit Car Company manufactures a range of kit car hot rods which include various 1934 Ford models using Nissan 720 and 620 donors. Location: Springdale NSW . http://www.auskitcar.com

Birkin Sports Cars Australia Has details of Birkin Lotus Seven inspired cars in Australia. Profiles the S3 Roadster with live axle and IRS options. http://www.birkin.com.au

Classic Revival Cobra replica manufacturer which produces the CR427 Kobra. Site has details of specifications and kits. Location: West Gosford, NSW. http://www.classicrevival.com.au

DRB Firm produces Cobra and GT40 replicas. Also made is a vehicle with a modern take on the Cobra concept: the DRB 540. Site has details of kit options and turnkey vehicles available. Location: Stapylton, Queensland. http://www.drbsportscars.com

Edge Products Company offers a number of off road vehicles - from karts to high performance buggies. Vehicles include the X2 two-seat long travel buggy; Sidewinder single seater; Fun Kart II , Barracuda, Piranha and Taipan single seaters, Raven go kart, Trax III junior off-roader and the Mini Monster Truck - a monster truck for seven to 14-year-olds. Location: Perth, Western Australia. http://www.theedgeproducts.com

G - Force Sports Cars The King Cobra is supplied as a kit or turnkey. Site has details of specifications and packages Location: Perth, Western Australia. http://www.gforcesportscars.com.au

PRB Website has details of the PRB Widebody, a clubman / Lotus Seven inspired kit car. The Widebody is a wider version of the formerly produced PRB S2. Location: Greenacre, New South Wales. http://www.prbaustralia.com.au

Python Vehicles Company is both a manufacturer of Cobra replica kits and can also offer build services for turnkey vehicles. Models offered include the Original Python S, the Hill Climb Special, the GTE/C with race kit and the S/R Race. Site has details of parts, options, racing, servicimng and restorations. Location: South Melbourne, Victoria http://www.pythonvehicles.com

Roaring Forties Ford GT40 replicas in turnkey and kit form. Site has details of company history, model specifications, options and prices. Location: Thomastown, Victoria, Australia http://www.roaringforties.com.au

Sharpbuilt Dune buggy manufacturer. Models include the GS Limo - in Offroad, Street Cruiser and Sportsman variants. The V2 Sandshark can take watercooled power units. Location: Toowoomba, Queensland. http://www.sharpbuilt.com.au

Tri Pod Cars The Tri Pod 1 is reverse trike based on motorcycle donor parts. Site has details of its design, construction and performance capabilities. Location: Buderim, Queensland http://www.tripodcars.com

Westfield Sportscars Australia & NZ Company imports and supplies Westfield kit cars to the Australian and New Zealand markets. http://www.westfield-sportscars.com.au


Baby Buggy Beach buggy manufacturer. Models include the RS, RS Evolution and RS Adventure. Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil http://www.babybuggy.com.br

BRM Buggy Beach buggies. Models include the M-8 and M-8 Long. Also offered is the M-11, with curvy styling lines. Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil. http://www.brmbuggy.com.br

Fibravan Fibreglass specialist that offers range of beach buggies. These include the Buggy Fibravan, Fibravan VIP, Fibravan Off-Road and the Fibravan Plus. http://www.fibravan.com.br

WW Trevis Range of replicas. Cars include a 41 Willys Coupe lookalike, a 34 Chevy, a Cobra inspired kit, an F1 Pickup, 1951 Mercury and a Pontiac Funny Car. Location: Santo Andre, SP, Brazil. http://www.bigabc.com.br/wwtrevis


S2 Racing Mazda MX-5 / Miata specialist which offers the N2 kit car - a Cobra inspired body conversion kit for Mazda donor vehicles. Company also offers a range of other Mazda body conversion parts and accessories. Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan http://www.s2-racing.com

New Zealand

Almac Cars include the Clubsprint XL - a Lotus Seven inspired vehicle with enhanced interior room. The Sabre S2 is an open top sports car with contemporary styling. Also offered is the 427SC Cobra replica. Location: Upper Hutt, New Zealand. http://www.almac.co.nz

Alternative Cars Long established manufacturer with two separate websites. The first includes has details of replicas of two classic British sports cars that the company has produced. The vehicles are the T Car - an MG T series lookalike. And the website has information about the Swallow - a Jaguar SS100 replica. The second website promotes the current T.G. Sports (1955) model based on Mazda Miata / MX5 donor vehicles. Includes specifications, downloads and kit content details. Location: Auckland, New Zealand http://www.sportscars.net.nz/dotcosite/index.html and http://www.sportscars.co.nz

Chevron Engineering Specialist engineering company that produces a range of kit cars that includes the Aprisa racing car, which uses Mazda RX7 running gear; the Cypher sports car and The Classic Lotus Seven inspired kit car. Location: Massey, Auckland, New Zealand http://www.chevron.co.nz

Exocet Company produces the exo-skeletal MEV Exocet in New Zealand. Cars are based on Mazda MX-5 donors. Location: Lower Kaimais, Bay of Plenty http://www.exocet.nz

Fraser The Fraser Clubman is a Lotus Seven inspired roadster. Cars are available in kit or fully built form and can also be hired. Location: Beach Haven, North Shore, Auckland. http://www.fraser.co.nz

McGregor Motorsport The MACH SR7 is a Lotus Seven inspired kit car. Site has details of kits and factory builds. Location: Christchurch, New Zealand. http://www.mcgregormotorsport.co.nz

South Africa

Street Rod Factory Street rod specialist that supplies kits to make a number of vehicles including 1932/33 Highboy Coupe, Big Fender Coupe, Highboy Roadster and Big Fender Roadster. Also 1932 Highboy Pickup and Big Fender Pickup. Location: Pretoria, South Africa. http://www.streetrodfactory.co.za


Extreme Kit Cars Company makes replicas which can be supplied as kits or turnkeys. Models include cars inspired by Porsche 356 Cabriolet, Ferrari P4, Lamborghini Aventador and Countach, Cobra, Porsche 550 and Mercedes GWA 300. Also shown is a range of miniature replicas of classic cars. Location: Bang Phlat, Bangkok , Thailand. http://www.extremekitcars.com