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Thieves steal buggy - just days after it hits the road

Thieves destroyed a fence and uprooted a tree stump before they made off with a newly road legal ABS Freestyle.

The Freestyle's father and son build team had spent 11 years constructing the Mini-based kit - only for it to disappear just days after it was made roadworthy.

Kevin Doyle and his son Michael started the build 11 years ago when Michael was 14. Kevin had taken over the build and was going to surprise Michael with it - only for the car to go missing from his home in Essex, England.

Above: ABS Freestyle stolen after 11-year build


Kevin said: "Once it was stored and protected, I was looking forward to surprising Michael with the completed and roadworthy fun buggy."

He added: ‘We never got the chance to drive it together in the end."

Thieves are thought to have lifted the car on to a transporter to remove it. In doing so, they destroyed a fence and uprooted a tree stump.


Story published - September 2018