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Pictured above: UK Kit Car Manufacturer Guide. Now available on Kindle.

Kit Car Manufacturers in Europe


Dax Benelux Company was official importer for the Dax range of cars - and has now taken on a manufacturing role. Site has details of the Dax 427 Cobra replica, the Seven-inspired Dax Rush and also replicas of the Ford GT40 - the BNL 40 and Daytona Coupe - the BNL Coupe. Site has details of prices and specifications. Site in Dutch. Location: Meer, Belgium

Czech Republic

K-1 Attack The K-1 Attack is a contemporary two-seat sports roadster. Cars are based on Honda donors and have a mid-engined configuration. Site has details of specifications and kit contents. Location: Rakovnik, Czech Republic http://www.k1-attack.com

Kaipan The Kaipan 57 is a Lotus Seven inspired car with Skoda or Audi engine options. Also sold are the Skoda Favorit based 14 and the Fabia based 16 sports cars. Location: Smržovka, Czech Republic http://www.kaipan.cz


Kit & Buggy Service VW specialist that also markets its own beach buggy: the KB Buggy. Location: Højbjerg, Denmark. http://www.kitogbuggyservice.dk


RaceTech The ESTfield is a Lotus Seven inspired kit based on the Locost philosophy - using Lada donors. Engine options can include Audi to Volvo and Chevy V8. Site has information about an ESTfield race series in Estonia. Location: Tartu, Estonia. http://www.racetech.ee

Rexer Company manufactures the Rexer R-12 Cobra replica. Site has details of a variety of kit packages and options as well as build up services. Location: Tallinn, Estonia http://www.rexer.ee/gb/gb.htm


Hoffmann 2CV Citroen 2CV specialist. Produces body conversions such as the Cabrio open top car. There is also a Break kit that extends the 2CV - and a Pick-Up. http://www.hoffmann2cv.com

RCB The RCB Se7en range of Lotus Seven inspired vehicles is offered by this company. Location: Edling, Germany http://www.rcb7.de

Rudolph Cars produced include the Rudolph Spyder, a car with Porsche Spyder design influences. And there's the Classic Roadster - a Karmann Ghia lookalike. Location: Mechernich-Obergartzem, Germany. http://www.rudolph-roadster.de

Rush Company makes the Rush Roadster Lotus Seven inspired kit. Location: Straubenhardt, Germany. http://www.rush-sportwagen.de


Autotuning Replicas including Cobra, Lamborghini and Ferrari inspired vehicles. Also beach buggies. Location: Majosháza, Hungary.   http://www.auto-tuning.hu


Burton Car Company The Burton is traditionally-styled roadster based on the Citroen 2CV. Company also makes a pick-up conversion for 2CVs. Location: Zutphen, Netherlands. http://www.burtoncar.com

Cygnus The Cygnus is a traditionally styled Citroen 2CV based kit car. Location: Uden, Netherlands. http://www.cygnus-kitcar.nl

De Flyer The Flyer is a Citroen 2CV based kit car with hot rod styling influences. Site has details of kit contents and parts for other 2CV based kits. http://www.deflyer.nl

Le Patron Company produces Le Patron kits based on Citroen 2CV donors. Cars are available as three or four-wheelers. Location: Ophemert, Netherlands. http://www.lepatron.nl

Reho Engineering This firm supplies the Brazilian made Chamonix Spyder 550 Porsche replica. Vehicles are available as a turnkey - or as a fully built engine-minus car. http://www.spyder.nl

Voglietta The Voglietta Mille Miglia is a traditionally-styled roadster based on Citroen 2CV donor mechanics. Site has details of options which include two-seat and 2+2 versions. Includes list of dealers who can help with builds. http://www.voglietta.nl


Easer Range of kits includes Cobra replicas. The GTR is a Mercedes CLK GTR AMG replica based on Rover 800 or Ford Scorpio donors. Also showcased are two limousines with traditionally-inspired styling, the RR and EX. Location: Milanówek, Poland. http://easer.com.pl/english

Moto Plast The AS Cabrio ia a Fiat 126 based fun buggy. Location: Krosno, Poland. http://www.moto-plast.pl


Luso Motors Range of kits that include the LM Sev-N Seven inspired car. The LM 23 is a mid-engined open two-seat track day car. The LM GT is a closed wing sports car designed to fit on the firm's Sev-N chassis. Includes a shooting brake option. Firm also says the body can be retro-fitted to other chassis of Seven inspired cars. Location: Guimaraes, Portugal.. http://www.lusomotors.com


Grex Automotive The Sagaris GT is a recreation of the TVR Sagaris, using a V8 Chevrolet engine. Site has details of kit packages Location: Adeje, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain http://www.grexautomotive.com

Fabricación Europea de Automóviles the Model DCA is Morgan inspired three-and four wheel kit with similar styling to the Lomax. Location: Madrid, Spain http://www.cocheclasico.com/dca/

Iguana Kits Company makes Renault 4 based kits with retro 1940s American styling influences. Models include the four-door saloon Berlina, the Pick Up, the Furgo (commercial inspired vehicle) and the open-top Cabriolet. Location: Valencia, Spain. http://www.iguanakits.com


Dala The Dala 7 is a Locost derived car that utilises Volvo donor parts. Included are details of the company, the car and its components. http://www.dala7.se

Pagano The Pagano is a Ferrari 500 Mondial inspired car based on a tube chassis and Alfa Romeo donor parts. Location: Karlstad, Sweden. http://www.pagano.se