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European kit car clubs

Welcome to the links to websites for kit car club websites in Europe.

Europe has many followers of kit cars.

There are a number of very active kit car communities across the continent - organising meetings and enjoying dozens of different types of kit car.

This page contains links to a number of websites from enthusiasts of specific types of vehicles, cars from a single manufacturer and also general clubs for a wide variety of kit cars.

2CV Kitcarclub This site caters for enthusiasts of kit cars based on the Citroen 2CV. Most of the 400+ members are Dutch speakers, the site says, and they drive a range of cars that includes models such as Lomax, Le Patron, Burton and Falcon. There is a section with details of different Citroen 2CV kit cars. Elsewhere, the site has a photo album and information about how to get involved with the club.

De Algemene Kitcarclub Nederland Dutch multi-marque kit car site with lots of information about its activities. Has details of club history, news and events. There is an active kit car discussion forum that features a range of topics. Site in Dutch.

Beachbuggy.se Swedish beach buggy resource site. Includes a forum, links to beach buggy websites and a technical section. Also has details of a range of how-to ideas where members can post messages. Site in Swedish

Buggy Boys Belgium Site for beach buggy enthusiasts and their club in Belgium. Has details about club activities, beach buggy information and legal advice. And there are technical and tuning tips. Site in Flemish with English, French, German and Spanish translation

Buggy Boyz aus Wuppertal Site for collection of beach buggy enthusiasts in the German town of Wuppertal. Has pictures and details of owners' cars plus club merchandise. There are photo galleries showing members' vehicles at various events. Written in German.

Buggy Club Siegerland German beach buggy club. Site has details of meetings, events and members' cars. Includes a discussion forum. Site in German.

Buggy Club in Süddeutschland e.V. Site for beach buggy enthusiasts in southern Germany. Has details of buggy history and club activities. And visitors can read about members' cars and view photos of them. Site in German.

Buggy Club Schweiz Swiss beach buggy club. Site has details of meetings, with dates and locations posted. There is a photo album with lots of pictures showing members and their cars. And the club has its own souvenir shop online. Site in German.

Buggy Freunde Schleswig-Holstein German site for beach buggy enthusiasts. Has details of a variety of machines. There are pictures of cars and events plus information about regular meetings. Site in German.

Cobra Club Belgium Belgian Cobra enthusiasts' site with details of club news, activities and events. Site also has a shop and discussion forum. And there is a list of events and meetings attended by members. Pictures of members' cars are shown too. Site in Flemish.

Cobra Club Nederland This site is for Cobra enthusiasts in the Netherlands. Has details about club activities and meetings. And there are sections for technical tips and merchandise. Site in Dutch.

Cobra IG Deutschland Group with hundreds of members in Germany, according to the site. They are all Cobra enthusiasts and have meetings across Germany, many at race tracks. Site has news, information about events, a discussion forum and pictures. Site in German.

Cobra Replica Owners ry Cobra replica club for drivers based in Finland. Site has details of members and their cars. There is information about Cobra events, a discussion forum and video downloads. Site in Finnish.

Cobra Replica Owners Club Sweden This club is for Swedish Cobra fans. It has details of activities, members' cars, a forum and classifieds. There is a picture gallery with lots of photos of owners' Cobras. And there is a members' forum. Site in Swedish.

Donkervoort Touring Club Club for drivers of Donkervoort Lotus Seven inspired vehicles. Site has details of club activities and events. There is a section for Donkervoort race news and a picture gallery has shots of the vehicles on road and track. Site in Dutch.

Dutch Spartan Owners Club Club gathers together Spartan enthusiasts from Belgium and the Netherlands. There are details of Spartan history, meetings and cars for sale. A technical section has information about the specifications and components used in Spartan kit cars. Site in Dutch

Dutton Club This German club welcomes owners and enthusiasts of Duttons. And people with other vehicles are also able to join. Website has a discussion forum and photo gallery. Written in German and English.

Irish Kit Car Club Club for kit car enthusiasts in the Republic of Ireland where, until its formation in 2002, putting a kit car on the road was thwarted by legislative red tape, the site says. A major role for the club is to help builders with their projects and lobby for more accommodating regulation for Irish kit car enthusiasts. Site has details of meetings - which are moved around the country for easier access. Also has news, technical tips, a build diary, pictures and an events calendar.

Lomax-Club.de German site which has pictures and information about the Lomax marque, notably the three-wheeled Lomax 223. There are sections for technical information, a picture gallery and forum. And there are links to Lomax sites in Europe.

Low Budget Club Dutch club with details of its members and their cars - mainly VW Beetle based buggies, conversions and Speedsters. Site has details of members' vehicles and meetings. Includes profiles of various types of buggy and there is a for sale section where members can post cars for sale.

Magyar Kit Car Club This site is for the Hungarian Kit Car Club Association. The club says that rules and regulations make it difficult to put a kit car on the road in Hungary - and it is campaigning to change this as well as giving kit car enthusiasts support and advice with their projects. Site has details of members and their cars as well as club events. http://www.kck.hu/?page_id=84 (This page in English)

Seven Club Czech club for Seven and Seven-inspired kit car enthusiasts. Site has details about the club and its activities with pictures of events and a photo gallery of owners' cars. There is also a classifieds section with kit cars for sale.

SFRO - Swedish Vehicle Builder's National Association This organisation has a website with information to help builders of cars and motorcycles in Sweden. Includes advice and technical tips on car building and how to meet official requirements with updates on new developments.

Super Seven Club Nederland Site has details of activities, events and meetings of this club for Seven and Seven inspired car enthusiasts. There is a news section with regular updates and the site has an image gallery with lots of photos showing events, track meetings and cars on the road. And there is a graph showing membership ratios of different Seven-inspired cars within the club. Site in Dutch.