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Kit car manufacturer websites

Welcome to the links to kit car manufacturers' websites in the USA & Canada.

There are hundreds of different kit cars to buy in the USA and Canada.

They include industry standards such as Cobra and GT40 kit car replicas, hot rods and dune buggies.

In addition, a handful of companies offer kits and plans for Hummer replicas.

And there are a number of interesting kits that recreate less well-known historic cars. A wide choice of donor vehicles exists.

Most recent link added: Fastcraft Motorsport

MNR range

Fastcraft Motorsport is the USA supplier of the MNR range of kit cars including the Vortx and GM3. See the listing here

A to Z list of USA and Canada kit car manufacturers

Aldino - Italian inspired Fiero conversions

American Street Rod - street rods

Antique and Collectible Autos - street rods, Corvette & Chevy replicas

Auto Classics Willys Hot Rods - Willys hot rods

Backdraft Racing - 427 Cobra inspired cars

BXR Motors - Bailey Blade XTR

B&B Manufacturing - 66 Roadsters and street rods

Be Bop's Glass Works - street rods

Berrien Buggy - buggies and sandrails

BGW Spectre - VW Beetle custom and rod kits

Blue Sky Design - electric BugE city car

Boss Replica Motors - BRM 302 R Cobra inspired car

Brookville Roadster - Ford hot rod bodies

Brunton Automotive - Stalker Lotus Seven inspired range

California Custom Roadsters - hot rods

The Car Factory - ETV futuristic vehicle and range of custom car projects

Caterham USA - Caterham Seven range

Classic Cars by Renucci - Ferrari inspired Cal Spyder

Cobrette - Corvette based 427 Cobra replica

Cobras N Vettes - Corvette based Cobray C-3

Commuter Cars - electric Tango city car

Customotive - Eurosport VW Beetle based car

Cutting Edge Replicas - Cobra inspired cars

DDR Motorsport - SP4 Toyota MR2 based supercar

Dearborn - 1932 Roadster

Deco Rides - retro 1930s style kits

Dio Cars - Dio Tipo 61 and S40 pickup conversion

JB Donaldson - 1930s hot rods

Dougy Buggies - Four-seat Honda engined dune buggies

Dragon Motor Cars - Dragon roadster Corvette based car

Duloux Motors - 1937 Cord Sportsman replica

Dune Buggy Plans - plans for...dune buggies

Eagle Coach Work - Jaguar replicas

Eagle Roadster - street legal single-seat racer

Easy Rods - 1950s Fords

EM Motors - Le Mans inspired racer

Era Replica Automobiles - Ford GT40 and Cobra inspired kits

Everett-Morrison - 1966 427 Cobra replicas

Exotic Recreations - 427 Cobra replicas

Factory Five Racing - Roadster, Hot Rod, Type 65 Coupe, GTM

Fastcraft Motorsport - MNR range of kits including Vortx and GM3

Fiberfab US - Ford GT40 inspired kits

Galatea Automobiles - Revision Italian-influenced exoticar

Gotham Cruisers - Batmobile inspired kits

Graber Cars - La Bala mid-engined roadster

Hawk Eye Buggies - dune buggies

Healey Factory - Austin Healey replica

HiTek Hot Rods - replica '58 to '60 and '67 Corvettes

Hunters Cobra Kit Cars - 427 Cobra inspired kits

Hurricane Motorsports - Cobra replicas

Innovation Retrokits - 69 Camaro inspired cars

JBL Motorsports - Cobra replicas

Johnex Cobras - Cobra replicas

Kirkham Motorsports - Cobra replicas

Kokopelli - Lotus 11 replica

Kooblekar - VW Beetle based German military inspired kits

Last Refuge - '28-'29 pickup packages

Lawrence Technologies Le Mans inspired mid-engined supercar

Lesher Motorsports - Daytona Coupe replica

Lil Big Rig - pickup based downsized big rig lookalikes

Louisell Enterprises - Knight Rider conversion parts

MEKK Autoworks - replacement frames for VW chassis

Meyers Manx - Manx dune buggies

Mongoose Motorsports - Corvette Grand Sport inspired kits

NEHR Speedcraft - Hot Rod In A Box 23-T roadster kit

Outlaw Performance - street rod kits

Pacific Roadster - 427 Cobra replica

Perry Ds - 550 Porsche Spyder replica

PISA - The Fiero HQ - Pontiac Fiero rebody kits

Power Performance - 427 Cobra replicas

Power Sport - Thunderbird body conversions

Project Diablo - supercar replica plans

Prototype Research - replicas including Mercedes and Auburn

Rat's Glass - street rods

Ravon Street Rods - street rods

RCR - replicas of GT40, Lola T-70 and Ferrari P4

Reaction Research - Datsun based Ferrari replicas

Rocky Mountain Coachworks - plans based Hummer replica

Robert Q Riley Enterprises - plans for vehicles including electric cars & trikes

Rodster Street Rods - street rods on S-10 donors

Rossion - Rossion Q1

Rowley Corvette - Rowley GTC Ferrari Daytona inspired Corvette based kit

Ruth Engineering and Racing - road legal Cheetah inspired kit

Scarab Motorsports - relaunched Scarab racer

Shell Valley - replicas including Cheetah, Jaguar C Type and Daytona Coupe

Simpson Design and Development - Mazda Miata rebody kits

SO-CAL Speedshop - hot rods including Brookville Roadster

Solid Sterling - former Sterling manufacturer's website

Specialty Autoworks - Jaguar XK and Porsche Speedster replicas

Special Edition - Porsche replicas

Speedway Motors - T-Buckets

Spirit Industries - hot rods

Sports Car Factory - Jaguar XJ13 replica

Steve's Auto Restorations - hot rods

Sterling Sports Cars - Sterling RX

Street Rods Only - classic Corvette replicas

Superior Glass Works - Ford and Chevy street rods

Superformance - Cobra inspired cars and GT40 replicas

Super 7 Cars - Caterhams in Canada

Superlite - range of performance cars including exoskeletal Roadster

Super Stepside Pickup - Sport Truck pickup

Thunder Ranch - Porsche replicas

Top Gun - Carisma Toyota MR2 based car

Triton Trikes - Triton Trike three-wheeler

Unique Motorcars - 289 and 427 Cobra replicas and 36 Cabriolet

Urban Gorilla - Hummer replicas

V-8 Archie - Pontiac Fiero based kits including GT40 replica

Vintage Speedsters - Porsche speedster replicas

Vintage Spyders - Porsche 550 Spyder replicas

West Coast - 427 Cobra replica

Wintec Fabrication - Wintec Roadster hot rod

Wombat - VW Beetle based Hummer inspired kit

World Class Motorsports - Ultralite Seven inspired range

Xanthos - Lotus 23 replica