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Welcome to the links to websites for kit car club websites in the USA & Canada.

Dozens of clubs exist across north America for kit car enthusiasts.

Some are make or genre specific and give help, advice and regular meetings for owners and fans of vehicles such as dune buggies, Cobras, Porsche replicas or manufacturers such as Factory Five Racing or Ultima.

Others are open to people who own a wide variety of cars.

Many of these websites are excellent online resources. A number offer discussion forums, technical advice and build tips.

kit car club websites:

Association of Handcrafted Automobiles - north American kit and replica group

Bradley GT Car Club - club for Bradley GT enthusiasts

The Bug Club - VW based buggy club in Salem, NH

Capital Area Cobra Club - Cobras in and around Washington DC

Chicagoland Replicar Association - multi-vehicle club in Chicagoland area

Club Cobra - huge online cobra resource

Cobra Owners' Club of America, Orange County - Californian Cobra group

Deserter Owners' Group - for Deserter range of dune buggies

Empire State Specialty Car Association - Upstate New York kit car group

Fiberfab Aztec Discussion Group - online discussion - huge online Factory Five Racing resource

Golden Gate Lotus Group - Californian Lotus club

Greater St Louis Kit Car Club - for kit car enthusiasts in and around St Louis

Great Lakes Cobra Club - club with year-round Cobra events

GTO Replica Registry - replica Ferrari GTO registry

Kellison Cars Discussion Group - Kellison discussion

Kentucky Cobra Club - for Kentucky Cobra enthusiasts

Manx Dune Buggy Club - for dune buggies in southern California and further afield

MG TD Replica / Kitcar Owners' Club - for MG TD lookalikes

Mid America Cobra Club - Cobras in Greater Kansas area

Mile Hi Cobra Club - for Cobra lovers in and around Colorado

National Street Rod Association - nationwide street rod group

Nevada Replicar Association - for lookalikes of Lambos and other cars in and around Las Vegas

Northern California Kit Car Club - for kit car builders and enthusiasts

Second Strike - Superformance club website

Speedster Owners - Porsche Speedster replica resource

Sports Car Club of America - for race car enthusiasts

Spyder Club - Porsche Spyder replica club

Spyder Owners - Porsche Spyder replica resource

Susanville Buggy Club - buggy club in Susanville, CA