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New sites

Welcome to the new sites page - here you will find links to all the latest websites listed at Kit Car Links.

Visit the links index page to see thousands more links.

Kit Car Links has links to hundreds of kit car manufacturers worldwide.

There are also links to clubs, enthusiasts' homepages and build diaries - plus lots of websites from kit car related traders

Lastest websites listed at Kit Car Links

Dune Buggy Archives Dune buggy resource website which includes a forum, vehicle guides, registry, list of dune buggy clubs and a buggy ID section that helps visitors identify their vehicle.

Hagerty Classic and specialist vehicle insurance cover. Site has details of policies and cover.

Texas Buggy's Dune buggy company. Site has details of kits, bodies and chassis. Location: Victoria, Texas.  http://www.texasbuggys.com

FFR # 7347 Build Page with a breakdown of the time and costs involved in an FFR Roadster build.

Knobby MNR Vortx CBR1000RR Blade Build... Blog website that charts the story of a bike-engined MNR Vortx. Lots of entries with pictures.

Northern Roadsters This club in the north of England has many motorsports enthusiasts among its members - competing in a variety of events from hill climbs to auto cross. Many of the cars belonging to them are Lotus Seven inspired vehicles. Site has details of events and meetings.

Bassett's Build Diary MNR Vortx R1 build diary. Site is in a blog format with posts throughout the construction.

Building the Ultima Evolution Facebook page with lots of posts and pictures showing the build of an Ultima EVO Coupe.

Davrianman's Ultima GTR Blog based Ultima GTR build diary with pictures and posts about the project.

John's Scamp Page within the website of the Surrey Hills Mini Group that showcases a Scamp Mk2a, based on a Mini donor, with specifications.

Phoenix Kit Cars The PhoenMx5 is a single donor Mazda MX-5 based sports roadster. Location: Sheffield. http://www.phoenixkitcars.co.uk

Ian Stent is a website dedicated to former Complete Kit Car editor and publisher Ian Stent - it has details of his kit car writing CV and other credits in his career as a journalist, photographer and events organiser

Ultima EFI Blog website which shows how its author goes about converting an Ultima GTR powered by a V8 Chevrolet engine to electronic fuel injection.

My Ultima Can-Am Build Site Regular posts on this site which shows an Ultima Can-Am build from start to finish. Lots of text and pictures.

Classic Kitcars Resource website that has details of kit cars produced between the 1950s and 1980s. Includes profiles of a number of vehicles from marques such as Rochdale, Dutton and Marlin.

Super 7esque: Dutton Melos This is a page about a Dutton Melos which had made it as far as Mobile, Alabama, from its original home in the UK. Has pictures and details about the vehicle.

Project Dutton Melos Lots of pictures on this Dutch enthusiast's Facebook page which show a Dutton Melos kit car restoration project.

Dutton Forums Forum for Dutton kit car enthusiasts. Has lots of sections - including for all the Dutton models such as Melos, Phaeton, Sierra, B Type, Malaga and B Type.

ultima640gtr.com Ultima 640 GTR build website with lots of entries through the project to completion and driving on the road. Has more sections showing the Ultima factory and video clips of the finished vehicle.

North American Puma Register This website has information about the Brazilian-made Puma - a VW based sports car. Vehicles were imported to the United States as kits. Includes details of vehicles on the road in north America.

UK Kit Car Guide 2015 Digital version of the UK Kit Car Guide 2015 published by Complete Kit Car magazine. Has all pages available for reading online.

JK Sports Cars Cobra replica manufacturer. Company makes the DAX 427 Cobra replica. Site has details of kits and parts for completing a build. Location: North Weald Basset, Essex. http://www.jksportscars.co.uk

GT Forte Online shop for UK manufacturer which provides kits, chassis and body parts to make a Ford GT40 replica. Site has details of components and specifications. http://www.gtforte.co.uk

Lynch Motors Electric motor manufacturer. Produces motors for electric cars and other applications such as marine, industrial and traction vehicles. Location: Honiton, Devon.

BMW Powered Kit Cars Dutch dealer that offers fully built kit cars built on BMW sports car donors including vehicles inspired by classic Ferrari and Cobra designs. Site includes information about models and specification. Site in Dutch

SFRO - Swedish Vehicle Builder's National Association This organisation has a website with information to help builders of cars and motorcycles in Sweden. Includes advice and technical tips on car building and how to meet official requirements with updates on new developments.

Easimat Mats for a wide range of applications - including car mats and mats for garage floors. Floor mats can be interlocking or supplied as a roll. Location: Bow, Devon.

Craft Performance Engines Engine design and build company that offers power units for Cobras and other vehicles. Site has details of different engines and ancillaries available.

BAT - British American Transfer Importer and distributor for the MOCAL range of oil cooling and fluid conveying sytems. Site has details of product ranges. Location: Sarasota, FL

Koolmat Supplier of a range of different heat insulation products which include kits designed to fit Cobra replicas such as from Factory Five Racing. Location: Mooresville, NC

Eastwood Supplier of workshop equipment and tools for a range of auto applications. Includes welding equipment, metal fabrication and paint tools. Retail locations in Chigaco, IL; Parma, OH and Pottstown PA

Vintage Wheels This business sells classic design wheels for kit cars, hot rods, muscle cars and original vehicles. Site includes wheel sets and kits for Cobra replicas from a number of leading kit car manufacturers. Location: San Diego, California

Time Machines Motorsports Dealer for Superformance and Caterham ranges. Site has details of models available for sale which include the Riverside by Superformance kit for Canadian customers. Location: Clarence Center, NY

Stewart Warner Manufacturer of gauges, speedometers, tachometers and other instruments such as hourmeters. Site has details of products and dealers. Location: Lancaster, PA

CapeFear7 The CapeFear7 is a single donor Lotus Seven inspired kit car based on the Locost concept and designed for use in autocross events. Cars use Mazda Miata donor parts. Location: Wilmington, NC. http://www.capefear7.com

Birkin Direct USA USA and Canada sales outlet for the Birkin range of Lotus Seven inspired cars. Site has details of the Birkin range, including Street and Clubman variants for road and track. Location: Gypsum, Colorado. http://www.birkindirect-usa.com

CTECH Manufacturing Maker of aluminium carts, cabinets and drawers. Site describes how products were developed for motor racing garages who needed lightweight and strong cabinets for race trailers. Location: Weston, WI

Vintage Wires Company supplies vintage ignition wiring products incorporating modern technology. Site has details of braided spark plug wires with lacquer covered cotton braid. Location: Tecumseh, Michigan

Mike's Mk IV Roadster Build Project Blog based build diary for a Factory Five Racing Roadster build from a New Jersey enthusiast. Lots of posts up to and including registration.

Burton 521 Build diary of a Burton kit car based on a Citroen 2CV donor. Has details about the process including preparing the donor, construction and driving on the road.

Super Car Build Blog website with details of a Factory Five Racing GTM build project. Lots of entries and updates showing the construction.

Race Ramps Company offers a range of ramps for workshops, storage, towing, displays and shows. Location: Escanaba, MI

hobbycar.com Sales of wheels and tyres for the specialist car market including kit cars. Has a section for wire wheels used on kit car replicas and neoclassics. Location: Fallbrook, California

Beverley Hills Motor Cars This company specialises in selling Porsche Speedster replicas and other classic Porsche replicas such as Spyder models. Site has details of a number of cars for sale in different specifications. Location: San Diego, California.

Classic Motor Shows This website has details of a motor show company that runs a number of events across the country each year, many of which attract kit cars. A number of the shows are held at country parks and stately homes.

Fiberclassics Online resource dedicated to promoting kit cars and other hand crafted vehicles. Site has a registry of cars where owners can post pictures and information. Includes updates and news stories from the kit car scene.

Neverending Story of Building a Lomax 424 a Cit' Powered Kitcar Site shows the build and subsequent ownership of a Lomax 424 by its Belgian owner. The car uses a Citroen Ami Super donor with a flat four engine.

Scottish Kit Car Centre Company offers a range of kit car build services. These include full builds, completion of projects, engine work, pre IVA checks and servicing. Also offered is the Raptor - a Seven inspired kit car. Location: Athelstaneford, East Lothian.

GTM Libra Build Manual This is the build manual for the mid-engined GTM Libra kit car.

Jago Developments Jago was once one of the UK's leading kit car manufacturers - producing cars such as the Geep / Sandero and Samuri. The company now operates as a specialist fibreglass business and this is a page on the current website with details about the firm's kit car history. The company no longer makes kits.

Mirage Automotive The Mirage GT is a sports coupe influenced by 1950s / 1960s Italian design with looks inspired by Ferrari 250 GT models. Site has details of kit packages and turnkey vehicles. Cars use BMW power units. Location: Blackpool, Lancashire. http://www.mirageautomotive.co.uk

DY Engine Services Engine reconditioning firm which offers services that include crankshaft grinding, engine building and cylinder block re-boring. Site has details of services offered and a gallery showing photos of cars worked on. Location: Clutton, Bristol

Projekt K1 - Attack - SnowStorm Facebook page with details of a K1-Attack build in the Czech Republic. Has lots of pictures and text updates showing progress.

Jago Geep Build Facebook page with Jago Geep pictures and text showing a Geep that was built in 1989, based on a Mk2 Ford Escort.

GTM Libra Build Facebook page with GTM Libra build diary. Regular updates with pictures and text showing progress.

GTM Libra Handbuilt by Paul Drawmer GTM Libra build website. Has sections showing collection of the kit through to assembly and completion. There is a page dedicated to the GTM Libra and its suspension settings.

Peter's GTM Libra Site GTM Libra build website. Has details about the construction process, donor engine and a full costs breakdown.

GTM Libra - Kit Car Specifications and pictures showing a GTM Libra bought by the author in 2007. Site shows lots of photos of post-purchase modifications on the car - which is powered by a 1.8 litre K-Series engine.

Our Kit Car Index Page Continuing story of a GTM Libra completed in June 2000 and its use and upgrades since then. Site has lots of entries and pictures showing work undertaken.

K-1 Attack The K-1 Attack is a contemporary two-seat sports roadster. Cars are based on Honda donors and have a mid-engined configuration. Site has details of specifications and kit contents. Location: Rakovnik, Czech Republic http://www.k1-attack.com

Northampton Motorsport Specialist tuning company offering rolling road and other performance services. Site has details of vehicle diagnostics, ECU remapping and carburettor sales and servicing. Location: Northampton.

Regal Classics Build up company that also offers servicing and restoration of vehicles. Builds can range from Locosts right up to bespoke replicas and classic restorations. Site has details of projects completed. Location: Faversham, Kent.

BGC Motorsport Components Firm supplies automotive plumbing products and other motorsport parts. Site has product list and details of the firm's history - which began as an engineering firm specialising in racing motorcycles and kit cars. Location: Emneth, near Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

TTS Performance This firm is UK distributor for Rotrex superchargers and JE pistons, the site tells us. Can supply conversion kits for Rotrex superchargers to be fitted to cars. Location: Silverstone, Northamptonshire.

Vehicle Wiring Products Wide range of items for wiring a car. Site has details of products for kit cars and other vehicles. Location: Ilkeston, Derbyshire

DynoTech Performance specialist which offers a range of services including rolling road, engine tuning and ECU re-mapping. Location: Ripley, Derbyshire.

Bristol Classic Car Shows Site has details of classic car shows held in the south west of England.

Speedy Cables Company manufactures cables and also supplies automotive instruments including Smiths gauges. Site has details of the range of products offered. Location: Abercrave, Swansea.

Performance Publishing Website from the publisher of Complete Kit Car. Has details of that and other publications including a track day app.

GTM 1967... Spanish enthusiast page with details of the GTM marque and its history. Includes pictures of different models. Site in Spanish.

GTM K3 Rebuild Blog website with entries charting the rebuild of a 1995 GTM K3 Rossa. Includes pictures and updates of the vehicle.

GTM CARS LTD April 1981 to March 2003 Lots of historical information on this page about the development of GTM. Site shows a variety of promotional brochures and press articles from the period.

GTM Coupe Page This covers the rebuild and progress of a 1987 GTM Coupe. Has regular posts showing the rebuild and ongoing use of the car. Also included is a page with a GTM Coupe register of cars including vehicle pictures.

A-Plan Company offers a wide range of insurance policies including for kit cars, which have a separate section on the website. Includes details of cover details such as limited mileage policies, track day cover and multi-vehicle discounts. Location: Basingstoke.

Moto-Lita This firm offers wood and leather-rim steering wheels. Site shows different rim and spoke styles, boss kits for fitting steering wheels and accessories such as billet caps. Location: Thruxton, near Andover, Hampshire

London to Brighton Kit & Sports Car Run This event is open for all kit, sports and replica car drivers to enter on a London to Brighton rally with set stopping points along the route. Site has details of entry fees that cover driver and navigator as well as information about the day's activities.

Steve's Cars Author has owned a number of kit cars and this site has details of a Mini based GTM Rossa and Quantum Saloon based on a Ford XR2 donor. Site includes various construction pictures for both vehicles.

Tim's Website This has details of the author's Caterham Seven, powered by a 2.0 litre twin cam engine. And there is another page with information about a Dutton Phaeton Series II that was used for racing. The Phaeton had a Lotus twin cam 1700 engine.

Dutton Phaeton S3 Story of a Dutton Phaeton built in Scotland back in the 1980s. Includes tales of building, driving and kit car shows attended. Site also has details of the owners' other vehicles.

Principal Insurance Specialist insurance group whose website says it offers kit car cover as well as policies for other cars, motorcycles, businesses and vans. Location: Sale, Manchester

Revolution Wheels Manufacturer of road, race and rally wheels. Site has details of a range of styles and sizes from ten to 18 inches. Location: Ollerton, Nottinghamshire.

Autosparks This firm manufactures wiring harnesses and also sells a big range of auto-electrical parts. Site has a section for kit car wiring looms which are described as IVA compliant and available for both front and rear-engined kit cars. Bespoke harnesses are also available. Location: Sandiacre, Nottingham

Replicator Sports Cars The RT3 is a Triumph TR3 replica. Site says it is built around a spaceframe chassis and has a range of engine options. http://www.replicatorsportscars.co.uk

Speedster Clinic Porsche Speedster replica manufacturer. Site has details of kit and turnkey packages. There is information about the firm's bespoke chassis and different body packages for 356 Coupe and 356 Pre-A style cars. Location: Kenilworth, Warwickshire. http://www.speedsterclinic.com

2rike The 2rike is a UK manufactured motorcycle based sports trike. Site has development details and information on kit packages. http://www.2rike.com

Delahaye USA Company offers kit and turnkey versions of pre World War II style cars "inspired by Figoni & Falaschi, Auburn and Bugatti" according to the website. Has details of kits for models such as the Pacific, Bella Figura, Nasty and Gangloff Drophead. Location: Long Valley, NJ. http://www.delahayeusa.com

Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) Manual For Vehicle Category M1 (Passenger Vehicles) This is published by the UK's Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, which describes it thus: "This manual is a detailed guide on the inspection of vehicles submitted to an authorised testing station under the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) scheme. It is produced for the examiners who carry out the inspections and for vehicle presenters and other interested parties who wish to familiarise themselves with the technical requirements and inspection procedures."

Lomax 223 and 224 Build Manual This manual is for the Lomax 223 (three-wheeler) and 224 (four-wheel version). The car is a Citroen 2CV based traditional roadster.