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How to build a Cobra inspired kit car - Kit Car Links download offer!


Cobra Inspired Sports Car Assembly Manual by Gary Brizendine

The Cobra Inspired Sports Car Assembly Manual presents 756 pages of concise text and colour photographs, guiding you through the completion of your own Cobra inspired sports car.

Included are detailed instructions on how to prepare for your Cobra build. Every stage of the construction process is addressed in detail - download your copy today and see just what is involved in a Cobra inspired kit car build.

Cobra Inspired Sports Car Assembly Manual costs just $5.95 to download.

How to order: 

1. Click on the Buy Now button

2. Complete payment and follow download instructions

3. Download the manual once payment goes through

4. Enjoy reading Cobra Inspired Sports Car Assembly Manual!



How do I read the manual?

You read the manual on your computer in a pdf. reader such as Acrobat Reader.

Can I print out pages?

Yes, you can print out any pages or the whole manual to read for yourself

Can you help if there are problems downloading the manual?

Everything should go fine but if you need help please email support@bytesinteractive.com

Who publishes the manual?

The manual is published and sold by GNB Motorsports which has a website at www.yourkitcar.com

Can I buy the manual in another format?

Yes, you can purchase it as a CD-Rom - see Your Kit Car website (above) for details